When people recognise you have lost weight..

2014-06-26 12.05.52


Just a quick post!

I have been somewhat inspired this evening to write about this as I feel that it’s a topic I have not read about myself personally.

So my day today has been somewhat unusual. I had a job interview today finally yay! I got my husband to take a few pics of me just before I was about to leave for my interview.  Headed to the interview, however the weirdest thing about it was that the the guy interviewing me was a psychologist.  I have a just recently completed a paper at university  intro to psychology as a social science, and have found it to be very interesting.  Any way going back to the interview we discussed for a long period of time more about weight-loss health and fitness than talking about the actual job I was interviewing for lol.

I noticed myself talking about this topic with so much emotion that  I was nearly in tears! Now this hear signals to me that I am one hundred percent certain I will be going to do my papers in personal training next year or after my degree!!

So I get home and decide to upload my pre interview selfie on to Facebook just for fun.  Not even five hours go by and actually I find myself so totally overwhelmed by the likes and comments I have received for just this one stupid photo!

These comments and messages I have received have really made me take a second look at my journey and want to do better and strive to achieve more! So at this very moment I feel inspired and fully motivated at the same time which is very rare for me.  I think people who are trying to loose weight need to push harder because the results are nothing but amazing mentally, physically and emotionally 🙂

I really wish everyone could of experienced what I have felt today and it was what I really truly needed, my first fertility appointment is soon (like literally in two sleeps time!) and  I am all over the place and I’m feeling a bit nervous, happy, sad, emotional you name it and I am or about to experience it in the next 42 hours.   However today has made me stop and think and boy I mean really  think.  Every single little thing I have ever dreamed of is starting to happen and life is truly amazing at the moment (apart from being jobless lol).

I hope that everyone who is on there journey what ever that may be  fertility or fitness/weight-loss take a look back at how far you have come 🙂  Just believe better and bigger things are out there you just need to stay focused and positive and it will come.

Give it time x




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